Thursday, 28 February 2013

Chevron Quilt

The Chevron Quilt project is way behind!
Some progress was made last week, but it still needs some time spent on the piecing.
I like the look, so not sure why this is taking so long...maybe it's just the fact that there isn't a long enough time to sit down and get it done.
Too narrow - one more column needed!
The last column finished! 
The one on the left has been trimmed so that it has straight edges. 
The right one is what it looks like during the piecing.
More on this quilt project here and here,

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Spring Fling - school charity

It's that time of the year again - my daughter's school has a major dinner&dance fundraising evening every spring (this is the 3rd such event) to benefit the school building fund.
 I've been really good, as so far my quilts have raised just under £15000, but this year I decided to make a smaller item.  The theme of the evening is "Cool Britannia", so this as inspiration, the school now has its own flag design destined to be auctioned in a couple of weeks time.
The school uniform colour is purple if you wondered about the colour choices.
The red fabric is a London map which inlcudes the school location.
Text and number prints for core subjects, embroiderd school logo in the middle...
20" finished cushion.

Swimming is the main competitive sport at the school - hence the swimmers fabric.
Did you notice that neat zip - very happy with how it turned out.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pyramid pencil case

There was a pile of japanese 5" linen squares stashed away waiting for a special project...and then I came across this pyramid pencil case made by Elnorac. It was the perfect inspiration, although the size of mine is different.
The squares are 2" finished and there is 6 rows of 6 squares.
Time spent from start to finish approximately one hour!
Fun and quick!
The other side - the handle is folded under in this picture.
Filled and ready to go to school tomorrow.

Monday, 25 February 2013