Saturday, 3 November 2012

I love scraps!

My dear Flickr friend Mel from the States sent me these lovely fabric scraps in mostly aqua colours - left overs from her seriously large stash!
Scraps for me!
 I love them and especially so the ones in the foreground, so I couldn't wait to start a project...why is that someone else's scraps always look better than your own?
Thank you Mel.

I wanted a really scrappy look for this project, so had a quick rummage through my own scraps and found the necessary missing pieces. The Accuquilt Go cutter had to be dusted down, but soon she was ready and using the 6 x 2" die I soon  had 144 yummy squares. Looking at the pile made me quickly decide to use a sheet of Vilene Quilters Grid to make the job easier and not to mention faster.
  I love scraps!
Here they are all 144 sqs ironed onto the grid.
I love scrappy pieced  I love scrappy pieced - detail
And finally pieced, 18" sq.                           (Can't get this pic to re-size!!!)

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  1. Very nice! Good mix of colors. How big will it be when you are finished?