Wednesday, 23 January 2013

On the ScrappyTripAlong bandwagon...

Well, how could one resist! This is a great quilt design & technique and I am glad to report that my quilt top turned out to be one of my all time favourites - I'm a very happy camper!
If you are not familiar with the #scrappytripalong quilt, please have a look here and here!

It's a start - fabric selection.  I was trying to use each fabric only once (all of it is not in the picture!), but as I needed 210 it was a bit of a struggle to find matching fabrics, so I have repeated some, but only a handful.  It's a totally scrappy quilt, but I wanted it to be modern, hence didn't use any other type of fabrics.
One block cut and arranged.  The unpicking of the strips can be slightly confusing.
My best tip would be: cut 5 strips and then unpick the tube before cutting the 6th strip.  Trim the 6th strip straight, as it will almost certainly be wonky!  Then use the 6th strip as a guide - it is the first one in the picture.  The next tube strip will be unpicked in between the 1st and 2nd squares from the top where the yellow arrow is. All of this will make sense after you have looked at the instructions in the link at the beginning...

This picture shows the 6th strip which is opened from the tube.
Where possible I cut the strips 18" long rather than 16".

All cut up, arranged, pinned and ready to stitch!


The hassle factor was the abutting of the seam allowances - although carefully pressed according to instructions,
all of my seams did not slot to opposite sides, but luckily most did.
 24 blocks = 4 across and 6 down. 120cm x 180cm (48" x 72") perfect size for snuggling under on the sofa.
I will back this with cream micro fleece - quilting to be decided later.
These are night time pictures, hence a little dark.


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