Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pyramid pencil case

There was a pile of japanese 5" linen squares stashed away waiting for a special project...and then I came across this pyramid pencil case made by Elnorac. It was the perfect inspiration, although the size of mine is different.
The squares are 2" finished and there is 6 rows of 6 squares.
Time spent from start to finish approximately one hour!
Fun and quick!
The other side - the handle is folded under in this picture.
Filled and ready to go to school tomorrow.


  1. Oh, this is fantastic! So zakka, so cute! Just one thing troubles me... How did you do it in just one hour? Mine too forever! Lol. But then again, everything I sew takes forever. You've inspired me to do another one and see if I can go faster.

    Love this!

  2. oh, this is so totally adorable. I might have to make one tonight.