Saturday, 2 March 2013

Pyramid pencil case encore

Making the "zakka" pyramid  pouch for my daughter was so much fun that I just had to make another one!  We have a birthday party coming up and my daughter wanted to give a similar pouch to her friend who loves blue and yellow, hence the blue binding.
It's as pretty as the first one, but boy did I have trouble getting this one right.
It took three times more effort and time! I realise how lucky I was with the first pouch...
The problem was the zip - I left the seam allowance under the binding too wide,
so the zip is only just caught in the stitching along the binding (but only after having done it three times!)
Note to oneself: the binding seam needs to be under 1/4" next time!

This friend's hobby is sailing, so the seaside bunting made a perfect lining.
You might have noticed the stamped initials as well - perfect present in my mind.
The first pouch finally got a sweet zip pull.

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