Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Quilt swaps at Flickr

Online quilt swaps - how addictive are they???
You may have been participating in the online swapping activity for a long while, but I have just started and I am completely hooked - it is so much FUN!

Below are some of the items I made for the
Pretty Little Pouch Swap...

Here's a rainbow pouch with a grey shot cotton frame.
I really really love it - it's bright and modern without being garish.

The little fruity zip pull is just perfect!

And here's another one for the same swap. This is my current favourite pattern!
Just loving those crosses - it is visually very effective and one gets to use all those lovely scraps of fabric!

I couldn't help myself, so I made this one as well. This transport fabric is great - it reminds me of Heather Bailey's designs although it is not by her, it came from Tikki. The pouch has a precious zip I have been saving for a special project - unfortunately I cannot find them anywhere anymore, so can't have any new ones.

Here's a pouch made from Aneela Hoey's Sherbet Pips fabric range with some solids on the sides. The other side is matching. Now, I think we can honestly say that my partner is pretty spoilt for choice! But I am glad that only one of these pretty little pocuhes will be leaving my house and the rest are mine!

This pretty little pouch from Lecien's Flower Sugar range was a birthday present for a special friend.

Off to do some more sewing - see you soon!

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