Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tea cosy or elf's hat?

I had an unsual request from hubby - he wanted a tea cosy! As I don't drink tea, I had never thought of buying or making one...murmurs were heard about the second mug of morning tea in bed being cold, a tea cosy would help!  I of course promised to make one, but if I am totally honest, this project  didn't really excite me.  Start with a rummage in the scrap basket which is always a pleasant task and a design idea started to emerge.  Sooner rather than later a bunch of rainbow coloured fabric strips, amongst them Kaffe Fassett fabrics, were stitched together.  Call this an organic pattern, as I didn't bother to trim anything to size - just a quick measure around the teapot and that's were I would stop adding strips.  Here's the result - a rather unusual but jolly tea cosy!

Forgot to mention - it is reversible - the inside was also completely made from fabric scraps.

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